Hillary’s House (or one reason I’m voting for Bernie Sanders)

Here I am with my Bernie sign, standing on the sidewalk in front of this beautiful, historic house in Guildhall, Vermont, just one lot away from my own residence. Oh, except the house–as you can sadly see–is not so beautiful anymore.  That’s because it’s been in foreclosure, sitting empty since 2009.  It’s the first thingContinue reading “Hillary’s House (or one reason I’m voting for Bernie Sanders)”

Bernie Sanders: An Invitation and a Promise

If you come to New Hampshire to work on the Bernie Sanders campaign any day or any weekend during the next month, Edward and I will host you and ply you with good food, wine and conversation at our adorable and historic Vermont home on the banks of the Connecticut River. You’ll even have yourContinue reading “Bernie Sanders: An Invitation and a Promise”

Memorable Moments, 2015

My Mom Here is my mother, Altina Laura Waller, who recently made the tough decision to undergo fairly serious back surgery.  Three weeks after the operation, she’s still recovering, but yesterday she went on her first real mini-hike, for a full mile!   Very proud of her persistence and determination to get back to theContinue reading “Memorable Moments, 2015”

First Day, First Hike, 2016

We got a decent workout on New Year’s Day, at a beloved and familiar place, Mt. Prospect at Weeks State Park. Over the years, we have become regulars at this beautiful preserve.  It’s a walk up the Mt Prospect Auto Road–one that is relatively short and manageable for early mornings before going to work, andContinue reading “First Day, First Hike, 2016”

The Last Walk: Lunenburg, Vermont

As the summer wound down, we spent 10 solid, heavenly days at our place up in the hills of Essex County.  We read books, frolicked with dogs, cooked and baked, sat on the porch staring at the mountains, read more, and went for many long walks, including one over Mt. Tug to Granby.  (Granby andContinue reading “The Last Walk: Lunenburg, Vermont”

The Hidden Monument of Guildhall, Vermont

When we moved from Boston to Guildhall, Vermont in 2004, a big part of the charm and attraction was the town’s well-documented history.  Even before we arrived, I was able to research the history of the town and our new house (the Benton Cottage) on the internet and at the archives of the Boston PublicContinue reading “The Hidden Monument of Guildhall, Vermont”

More Reflections on Same Sex Marriage from Essex County

Edward and I moved from Boston to Vermont in May of 2004.  That same month, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that same-sex couples had the right to marry.  But Vermont had paved the way for that pioneering decision, by passing its own civil union law, back in 2001.  The battle for civil unions wasn’tContinue reading “More Reflections on Same Sex Marriage from Essex County”

The 14th Amendment, Same-Sex Marriage, and Essex County, Vermont

Friday, June 26, 2015.  The United States Supreme Court ruled that gay and lesbian couples are entitled to a legal marriage anywhere in the nation. This is a memorable, landmark ruling.  The Court took the long overdue step of applying the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and making marriage a fundamental right for sameContinue reading “The 14th Amendment, Same-Sex Marriage, and Essex County, Vermont”

Reconstruction: Nine Things That Should Have Happened After the Civil War

In the aftermath of the Civil War and the defeat of the Confederacy, there was a moment–ever so brief–filled with promise and hope for a future of equality for former slaves.  But the promise of Reconstruction withered, largely due to the failure of the Union leadership to bring the former Confederate states into line. InContinue reading “Reconstruction: Nine Things That Should Have Happened After the Civil War”

A Blizzard and Biscotti: Easter Day, 2015

Essex County, Vermont.  The snow started early yesterday afternoon, but didn’t seem particularly ominous or impressive.  On the contrary, it appeared light and probably fleeting.  But it continued steadily through the day and the wee hours, and this morning, we woke up to a hard snow, which by 7:30am had turned into a blizzard. Yes,Continue reading “A Blizzard and Biscotti: Easter Day, 2015”