First Day, First Hike, 2016

The Stone Fire Tower on Mt Prospect (sans snow!)

We got a decent workout on New Year’s Day, at a beloved and familiar place, Mt. Prospect at Weeks State Park.

Over the years, we have become regulars at this beautiful preserve.  It’s a walk up the Mt Prospect Auto Road–one that is relatively short and manageable for early mornings before going to work, and a little later and more leisurely on weekends.  Our dogs have accompanied us hundreds of time up the mountain (past and present dogs:  Simone, Mouchette, Minerva, Django, LaBelle, and Hugo).

We’ve brought picnic breakfasts, lunches and champagne up there.  We’ve attended some events at the estate on the mountaintop, and we’ve perused the estate museum.  But mostly, we just walk, play with the dogs, and never tire of the view.  Read here about the history of the park and see some photos.

For New Year’s Day, the New Hampshire State Park system and the Friends of Weeks State Park had organized a guided tour up the mountain.  It was well-attended by dogs (we brought Django, who is our most mellow dog) and people, some on snowshoes.

People sitting around the fire on top of Mt Prospect.

At the top, there was a nice bonfire, hot cider and snacks.   The crowd milled pleasantly around the bonfire at the foot of the beautiful stone fire tower.  Then we hiked back down, in a fog of snowflakes.

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