Bernie Sanders: An Invitation and a Promise

IMG_20160109_173613592If you come to New Hampshire to work on the Bernie Sanders campaign any day or any weekend during the next month, Edward and I will host you and ply you with good food, wine and conversation at our adorable and historic Vermont home on the banks of the Connecticut River. You’ll even have your own guest room.

The New Hampshire primary is one month from today. On February 9, New Hampshire Democrats will make an important decision about the very soul of our party. As most of you know by now, I’m a die-hard and passionate Bernie Sanders supporter. I believe that we are a crossroads in our country. If we don’t choose real, substantive change, our society will continue its descent toward oligarchy and the destruction of our democracy. Bernie Sanders represents our best hope for reversing that ugly and ominous trend. Hillary Clinton, sadly, represents the status quo. She is not in a position to spearhead the kind of change we desperately need. Furthermore, it has become increasingly clear to me that Bernie Sanders is in the best position to defeat the GOP in the general election, because he generates enthusiasm, which will translate into higher voter turnout.

To get the nomination, Bernie needs not only to win NH, but to exceed expectations. And he needs an army of supporters to make that happen.

Today, Edward and I did our first round of house-calling on behalf of the Sanders campaign, driving around the back roads of northern New Hampshire and knocking on doors sporting our Bernie buttons, big smiles, and Bernie literature. We are proud to be part of giant wave of committed volunteers now flooding into NH, working their butts off to reclaim our country from the banks and billionaires.

There are three weekends between now and Feb 9. Edward and I live in Vermont, just across the border from New Hampshire. We are within 10 minutes drive of Lancaster, NH and Groveton, NH and a forty minute drive to Littleton, NH.  The Sanders campaign opened an office in Littleton last week and field organizers are now fanned out throughout Grafton and Coos Counties.

Come stay with us for a day or a weekend and campaign for Bernie. Go out door-knocking and phone banking. We’ll hook you up with the campaign and make sure you get the tools you need. It’s important work, it’s fun, and besides–if you come, we’ll make a nice dinner for you, put you up in style, and ply you with good conversation and wine after your day of campaign work!

One response to “Bernie Sanders: An Invitation and a Promise”

  1. Did you have any takers? We’re voting in NC this week; I’ll extend to you the same offer! Bernie may not take my state this week but will in November!

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