The Last Walk: Lunenburg, Vermont

The start of the road to Granby, over the mountain.

As the summer wound down, we spent 10 solid, heavenly days at our place up in the hills of Essex County.  We read books, frolicked with dogs, cooked and baked, sat on the porch staring at the mountains, read more, and went for many long walks, including one over Mt. Tug to Granby.  (Granby and Victory are, I do believe, the most remote towns in Vermont.  Neither town had electricity until 1963.  Granby has no paved roads whatsoever, Victory has a single paved section, which lasts about a mile or less.)

Spotted touch-me-not. Orange bell-shaped flowers. It’s everywhere.

The last walk of vacation was bittersweet, indeed.  We paid special attention to things we hadn’t noticed before, clinging to the last hot days of summer in the hills.  We collected apples and blackberries galore, and I took photos of various wildflowers and flora (and a few other things) along the length of the walk.

In the years since we were last at this spot, extensive logging has occurred, so extensive that where there was once forest only, now you can see Burke Mountain.


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