Doug Willey: Public Defender of the NEK

This week, to my great sadness, Doug Willey passed away. At the time of his death, Mr. Willey was the chief public defender in the three counties of the Northeast Kingdom,  the region where I also practice law.  He was a tireless advocate for the most unpopular among us, those accused of crimes large andContinue reading “Doug Willey: Public Defender of the NEK”

More from Town Meeting: Saga of the Salt Shed

In our town, population 263, we don’t have much municipal infrastructure.  There’s a Town Office and that’s about it. Oh, except for the salt shed.  Here in Guildhall, we don’t have our own road crew and we own no equipment or vehicles. Given our size, it makes more sense for the Town to outsource plowing andContinue reading “More from Town Meeting: Saga of the Salt Shed”

George Blakeslee Elected as Town Clerk and Treasurer

Our beloved George Blakeslee has been elected to the positions of Town Clerk and Town Treasurer here in Guildhall.  George is already well-known to townspeople, because he’s our Town Moderator, Lister, and Auditor. He also sits on the town’s website editorial board and acts as the computer/IT go-to person at the Town Offices. A fewContinue reading “George Blakeslee Elected as Town Clerk and Treasurer”

Gary Brown Joins Guildhall Selectboard

(This blog post is the first in a series covering issues and results of Town Meeting day here in Guildhall, Vermont) There was only one contested race for town officials this year, for an open seat on our town’s Selectboard.   Voters chose between two names on the ballot,  Gary Brown and Tom Rogers, Sr.Continue reading “Gary Brown Joins Guildhall Selectboard”

Early Morning at the Essex County Courthouse, Guildhall, Vermont

Here are Allan Hodgdon and Calvin Colby, newly elected Essex County assistant judges, taking their oaths of office at 8:15 am on Monday, February 2.  The oath is administered by Valerie Foy,  court security officer. (Valerie is also my next door neighbor, librarian at the public library, and the delinquent tax collector here in Guildhall.) Allen HodgdonContinue reading “Early Morning at the Essex County Courthouse, Guildhall, Vermont”

“Tapping Love,” a poem by Alfred McVetty, Guildhall, Vermont.

My friends Alfred and Susan McVetty live up in the hills of Guildhall, off the grid.   Here is a poem that Alfred wrote recently.  It is reprinted here with his permission. TAPPING LOVE I’m sorry that I am going to hurt you again But it is almost that time I’ve done it before andContinue reading ““Tapping Love,” a poem by Alfred McVetty, Guildhall, Vermont.”

At Last, the Polish Princess Bakery: Forget About Dunkin’ Donuts

We’ve been waiting, on the edge of our seats for months.  Finally, this weekend, we have a new bakery and coffee shop, in downtown Lancaster, NH, a ten minute drive from where I live in Guildhall, Vermont. Magdalena Randall, who has garnered a beloved following for her baked goods and bread sold at the LancasterContinue reading “At Last, the Polish Princess Bakery: Forget About Dunkin’ Donuts”


Oh, don’t worry.  I have no illusions that my little blog with its miniscule readership can be compared to Charlie Hebdo, the spunky magazine that bravely continued to publish its clever and incisive satire even after it was bombed, threatened and hacked.  Nor am I under any grandiose belief that my blog is somehow equivalent to  augustContinue reading “CHARLIE HEBDO AND ME.”

Up In the Hills of Essex County: House or Camp?

For about fifteen years now, Edward and his son Connolly have owned a house in the remote hills of Essex County.   They bought it from Edward’s old friends Tim and Leslie Nulty.  The house had been owned by Tim’s family since the late 1950s.  His father however, had been coming to the “neighborhood” for muchContinue reading “Up In the Hills of Essex County: House or Camp?”