George Blakeslee Elected as Town Clerk and Treasurer

George Blakeslee, new Town Auditor, moments after his victory
George Blakeslee, new Town Auditor, moments after his victory

Our beloved George Blakeslee has been elected to the positions of Town Clerk and Town Treasurer here in Guildhall.  George is already well-known to townspeople, because he’s our Town Moderator, Lister, and Auditor. He also sits on the town’s website editorial board and acts as the computer/IT go-to person at the Town Offices.

A few days after his election last week, George came by my office in Guildhall to swear me in as his Assistant Treasurer and sign me again to the municipal and school district accounts.  (I was also the assistant treasurer for the previous Town Clerk and Treasurer).

We chatted and reminisced about our mutual history and experience in town politics, and I recalled meeting George for the first time when he ran for and was elected Town Auditor in 2010.  At the time, I was the Town and School District Treasurer–and as any Treasurer knows, detail-oriented and conscientious auditors like George are an incredible boon to our jobs.  I’ve had many occasions to work with Mr. Blakeslee since then and have always been impressed.  He’s competent, organized and multi-skilled.  We’re lucky to have him!

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