Free Verse for Free Will: A Poem for Will Berry, by Edward W. Clark, Jr.

Ed Clark and Will Berry, on Fellows Rd.
Ed Clark and Will Berry, on Fellows Rd.

This poem is written for and dedicated to our good friend and independent logger Will Berry, who died last week at the age of 48.


The chain saw burped, then idled.
Lean and direction determined.
Paths of retreat noted.
The forest air filled with
The scent of gas and bar oil.
A glance at the felling sights before
A firm hand guides the whirring chain
To solid wood.
No axes and wedges used today,
Just a pause and a deliberate walk away.
Sound of timber hitting the forest floor.
All felling, limbing, skidding, bucking
Over now. Scent of gas and bar oil fading now.
Will once told me:
“There is nothing to fear in the woods.”
There is nothing to fear in the woods.

Edward W. Clark, Jr., July 2013

Strawberry-Rhubarb-Lavender Pie

IMG_2448This may be the last time I can make a strawberry-rhubarb pie. The rhubarb’s all gone from my garden and I suspect the Farmers’ Market will be out next weekend, as well. As for the strawberries, I think their time is up, too.

I took some photos through the process of pie-making today, starting with the laying out of some of the ingredients.

IMG_2450This weekend, I splurged and bought a new pastry rolling pin. Makes me feel like a professional!

IMG_2453Always chill the dough before rolling out, that’s one of my mantras.

And chill again after placing in the baking dish.

IMG_2455I’ve learned to always place a rim protector over the edge, immediately as it goes into the oven.



We’ll have this tonight for dessert….

For anyone interested, here’s the recipe I used.

Bicycling in Maidstone

Yesterday, we set off north on Route 102, arguably one of Vermont’s most beautiful byways. Here were stops we made along the way, with interesting little tidbits.

oxbow-like landscape overlooking beautiful Connecticut River.
oxbow-like landscape overlooking beautiful Connecticut River.

The historic McDade Cemetery in Maidstone.IMG_20130704_092911_168

Another photo of the sculpture/sign at the Richardson’s.IMG_20130704_091918_674

The Stratford-Hollow Bridge, from Maidstone to North Stratford, NH. (It was closed for almost 20 years, until it reopened in 2005).IMG_20130704_095612_057

The Maidstone town historic marker, in front of the Maidstone Town Offices.IMG_20130704_104453_021

Finally, home.IMG_20130704_105230_774

Art, Craftsmanship, and Talent in Maidstone, Vermont

We went for a 14 mile bike ride up into Maidstone this morning. (Trying to take advantage of the sun while we had it!).

IMG_20130704_091918_674We discovered this little gem of sculpture-art-advertising at the entrance to Mary and Bruce Richardson’s driveway.

Mary Richardson is an extraordinarily talented and meticulous framer of photographs, artwork, and any and all graphics you give her. Whenever we need something framed, that’s where we go. Last year, when I opened my law office, I took my diplomas and my Vermont bar admissions to her for framing. I didn’t tell her what kind of material or colors to use. I didn’t need to–I’ve come to trust her judgment implicitly. I simply left the framing choices to her. And of course, she did a fabulous job. To learn more about her, visit her website here.

Her husband Bruce Richardson is an accomplished graphic and web designer, as well as a painter, too. In fact, he has an opening of his art work at WREN in Bethlehem, NH, which we’re attending tomorrow night!

The understated, yet intriguing multicolored frames hanging from a tree branch in the middle of the Maidstone forest, turning lazily in the breeze–very impressive, Mary!