Free Verse for Free Will: A Poem for Will Berry, by Edward W. Clark, Jr.

This poem is written for and dedicated to our good friend and independent logger Will Berry, who died last week at the age of 48. FREE VERSE FOR FREE WILL The chain saw burped, then idled. Lean and direction determined. Paths of retreat noted. The forest air filled with The scent of gas and barContinue reading “Free Verse for Free Will: A Poem for Will Berry, by Edward W. Clark, Jr.”

Bicycling in Maidstone

Yesterday, we set off north on Route 102, arguably one of Vermont’s most beautiful byways. Here were stops we made along the way, with interesting little tidbits. The historic McDade Cemetery in Maidstone. Another photo of the sculpture/sign at the Richardson’s. The Stratford-Hollow Bridge, from Maidstone to North Stratford, NH. (It was closed for almostContinue reading “Bicycling in Maidstone”

Art, Craftsmanship, and Talent in Maidstone, Vermont

We went for a 14 mile bike ride up into Maidstone this morning. (Trying to take advantage of the sun while we had it!). We discovered this little gem of sculpture-art-advertising at the entrance to Mary and Bruce Richardson’s driveway. Mary Richardson is an extraordinarily talented and meticulous framer of photographs, artwork, and any andContinue reading “Art, Craftsmanship, and Talent in Maidstone, Vermont”