Art, Craftsmanship, and Talent in Maidstone, Vermont

We went for a 14 mile bike ride up into Maidstone this morning. (Trying to take advantage of the sun while we had it!).

IMG_20130704_091918_674We discovered this little gem of sculpture-art-advertising at the entrance to Mary and Bruce Richardson’s driveway.

Mary Richardson is an extraordinarily talented and meticulous framer of photographs, artwork, and any and all graphics you give her. Whenever we need something framed, that’s where we go. Last year, when I opened my law office, I took my diplomas and my Vermont bar admissions to her for framing. I didn’t tell her what kind of material or colors to use. I didn’t need to–I’ve come to trust her judgment implicitly. I simply left the framing choices to her. And of course, she did a fabulous job. To learn more about her, visit her website here.

Her husband Bruce Richardson is an accomplished graphic and web designer, as well as a painter, too. In fact, he has an opening of his art work at WREN in Bethlehem, NH, which we’re attending tomorrow night!

The understated, yet intriguing multicolored frames hanging from a tree branch in the middle of the Maidstone forest, turning lazily in the breeze–very impressive, Mary!

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