Lj Holland Leaves Guildhall, and Laura’s Heart Breaks

This week, my friend and neighbor Lj  begins her move out of Guildhall. On the advice of her doctor, she’s headed to the warmer climes of Florida to start a new life. She’ll be around sporadically over the winter, but by March, she will be officially and permanently moved. I know that she’s doing what’sContinue reading “Lj Holland Leaves Guildhall, and Laura’s Heart Breaks”

What’s Brewing in Essex County, Vermont?

On a recent Sunday morning in late February, I gathered with about a dozen home beer and ale brewers at my friends Mike and LJ Holland’s home. The Hollands live about a mile south of me, on Route 102 in Guildhall, Vermont. For those of you not familiar with the town, Guildhall—population 268—lies on theContinue reading “What’s Brewing in Essex County, Vermont?”

Guildhall, Vermont Annual Town Report, 2009

During January and February, auditors, town clerks and treasurers all over Vermont have been busy preparing their town’s annual town report. In the mid-19th century, towns began publishing single sheets, and then gradually moving to modest booklets. The Town Report is mailed, physically distributed, and often available on municipal websites. It typically contains budget andContinue reading “Guildhall, Vermont Annual Town Report, 2009”

Guildhall, Vermont Annual Town Warning 2010

Controversies at this year’s Town Meeting? Taxpayer funding for the Guildhall Public Library. The Library has gone a long way this year toward better serving town residents. But will they keep it up? A proposal to subsidize swimming pool memberships at Colonel Town Recreation Center, in Lancaster, for Guildhall residents. Hmmm. Despite my liberal tendencies,Continue reading “Guildhall, Vermont Annual Town Warning 2010”

Town Meeting Approaches, and Things Heat Up.

In less than three weeks, the chairs will be set up in rows. Tables will grace the front of the stage. The Town Clerk will place Robert’s Rules of Order, Title 17 of the Vermont Statutes Annotated, the 2009 Town Warning, a gavel and a glass of water on the Moderator’s podium. Allen Hodgdon, ourContinue reading “Town Meeting Approaches, and Things Heat Up.”