Susan McVetty for Guildhall Selectboard

Once again, Town Meeting is upon us.  I’m less involved in town politics than I used to be (I was Town Clerk and Treasurer for 6 years, before I started to practice law).  But I still vote and campaign when there are issues I care about on the warning, or when there are contested races.

This year, there’s a contested seat on the three-person Guildhall Selectboard.  Susan McVetty is challenging Pete Fay, the incumbent.  I support Susan.  She has a long history of exemplary service to the Town:  she’s been on the Selectboard a few times, and in addition, she’s served at various times over the last two decades as a zoning administrator, planning commissioner, cemetery commissioner, auditor, and treasurer.  She knows the ropes of town business inside and out.

Susan, quite honestly, is one of the most organized and detail-oriented people I know.  She genuinely cares about the town and about good governance.  In the past, she’s demonstrated the ability to work in a professional, collegial way with virtually all other Town officers, and stand up for what she believes is right, when necessary.

Her opponent, Pete Fay is an okay guy.  But he seems less and less engaged with the Town these days, and as I understand it, spends four or five months or so in the warmer climes of Florida.  I think we need Susan in there.

Susan, by the way, has other important skills, too, besides being a fantastic administrator in general:  she does her own hand-made chocolates, the best I’ve ever had!  (Full disclosure:  Susan also has worked with me in my law office for the last 4 years.  That’s part of how I have come to know and trust her work.)

Please vote for Susan McVetty on March 5!

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