Garden Dreams, the NEK.

This is the time of year when I start dreaming about my garden.  I am haunted by what lies underneath that implacably deep layer of snow.  Today, it’s been snowing hard since 5am, so the spring seems even further in the distance.  But I pulled out my gardening schedule anyway.  This is the timetable IContinue reading “Garden Dreams, the NEK.”

Susan McVetty for Guildhall Selectboard

Once again, Town Meeting is upon us.  I’m less involved in town politics than I used to be (I was Town Clerk and Treasurer for 6 years, before I started to practice law).  But I still vote and campaign when there are issues I care about on the warning, or when there are contested races.Continue reading “Susan McVetty for Guildhall Selectboard”

The Honorable Allen Hodgdon: Architectural Historian of Essex County

Believe it or not, Guildhall, Vermont is home to an accomplished architectural historian.  Allen Hodgdon was born in Granby, Vermont and lived his entire life–except for going away to college and graduate school–in Lancaster, NH and Guildhall.  Allen was the first person Edward and I met when we moved here from Boston in 2004.  WeContinue reading “The Honorable Allen Hodgdon: Architectural Historian of Essex County”