I’m Licensed to Practice Law in New Hampshire!

Screenshot_2017-12-01-23-24-20.pngI’ve been a practicing Vermont lawyer since 2012.  Here’s a screenshot of my law partner Tiffany Young and I.  Visit our website here, if you’re interested.  I’m a trial lawyer with a focus on criminal law, tenant-landlord law, juvenile law, municipal law and employment/labor law.

Earlier this year, I finally ended the procrastination and submitted my application to become licensed in NH.  After all, it makes personal and professional sense for me:  I live and have an office within a stone’s throw of NH, just across the Connecticut River.

To get into NH, I didn’t have to take another bar exam (thank goodness), but I did have to complete a 19 page application, track down and submit copies of my various admissions and diplomas, get 5 people to vouch for me in writing, and take 15 credit hours in New Hampshire practice and procedure.

img_20180914_092045870I was sworn in formally on September 14, at the New Hampshire Supreme Court, in Concord.  Afterwards, Edward and I had a nice lunch to celebrate.


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