Pony Express Snowshoe Event, Guildhall, Vermont

1891213_733633173336767_1671625269_nAs some of my readers will recall, I’ve posted here previously about a fabulous new non-profit business here in Guildhall, known as Stable Connections.  Founded, owned and managed by Karen Guile, Stable Connections is an equine therapy facility devoted to meeting the needs of developmentally disabled and otherwise at-risk youth and adults. For more detailed information about Stable Connections, see my past blog post on the facility, here.

Today’s event involved a snowshoe race for kids on groomed trails along the Connecticut River, tours of the stables, prizes, crafts, and refreshments.  By the time I got there, the race had already occurred.  Kids and adults were milling about amicably, cavorting, talking to the horses, making bracelets and drinking hot cocoa or eating steaming hot bowls of chili.

1948257_734184349948316_403970739_nIn the winter, it’s fairly rare in these parts to have any kind of social or group events, so it was pleasant to mingle and catch up with some neighbors.  And standing around the Stables, there was even a spirited and interesting discussion about the new Common Core curriculum in our local schools–with several parents, a School Board member, our local elementary school principal, and the assistant principal from the Whitefield, NH elementary school chiming in. I love it when substantive conversations like this occur in unlikely places!

Karen Guile, announcing prizes to snowshoe kids.
Karen Guile, announcing prizes to snowshoe kids.

Most important, I’m grateful when people like Karen Guile and small business in general give back and contribute to the community, by, for example, organizing events like this.  Stable Connections sits on a parcel of land originally owned by Peaslee’s Vermont Potatoes.  Karen is also the chief financial officer and manager of Peaslee’s.  It’s gratifying to note that over the past two years, under new management, the Farm has made a concerted effort to reach out to the community, from donating to the local food pantry, to programs for at-risk youth (at the Farm and at Stable Connections), and today’s community-spirited event.

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