A New Partnership: Morrissette, Young & Wilson, PC.

Tiffany Young, Laura Wilson, and Peter Morrissette
Tiffany Young, Laura Wilson, and Peter Morrissette

As many of you know, as of January 1, 2014, I have joined forces with Morrissette & Young, of Lyndonville, a firm with a long and distinguished history of practicing law throughout the Northeast Kingdom. We are all three partners now, and the new firm is called Morrissette, Young & Wilson, PC.

The new firm has three lawyers and two offices, located in Lyndonville, and in Guildhall, Essex County. Check out the firm’s new website, here!

We offer a broad range of legal services, including real estate transactions, family law, criminal defense, municipal law, estate planning, business formation, general civil litigation, and landlord-tenant law (among others!)    I’m excited about this new endeavor!

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