A Bicycle Ride in my Neighborhood

This is the garden/yard of Opal Potter. Mrs. Potter passed away recently. She was a talented gardener, both of vegetables and flowers. I’ve always admired her garden. The house and grounds are uninhabited now, and wild lupine has taken over the yard.IMG_20130616_112537_940

Here is the area known as the Guildhall Town Forest. Conserved for posterity, by the Nature Conservancy.IMG_20130616_112759_256

Baby corn plants in the field heading up the North Rd.IMG_20130616_113122_416

At the Town line. IMG_20130616_115240_340

The beautiful, idyllic pond at the end of Tamarack Lane. The mosquitoes attacked us so badly I only had time to snap one photo! IMG_20130616_114645_540

Entering the Bog of Maidstone. IMG_20130616_122129_022

The incredibly appealing babbling brook on the North Rd. IMG_20130616_123436_358

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