Strawberries Come to Essex County, Finally!

For years, I’ve been lamenting the lack of strawberries for sale in our corner of Vermont. We’ve got farms and farmers galore, but no one grows strawberries for sale. Four or five years ago, someone in South Lunenburg tended a large pick-your-own strawberry field for two years, then disappeared, sadly. Other than that, we’ve alwaysContinue reading “Strawberries Come to Essex County, Finally!”

A Bicycle Ride in my Neighborhood

This is the garden/yard of Opal Potter. Mrs. Potter passed away recently. She was a talented gardener, both of vegetables and flowers. I’ve always admired her garden. The house and grounds are uninhabited now, and wild lupine has taken over the yard. Here is the area known as the Guildhall Town Forest. Conserved for posterity,Continue reading “A Bicycle Ride in my Neighborhood”