Laura’s 2012

We started off 2012 in Reykjavik, Iceland.  Great city, with great people, fabulous bookstores, and fantastic music, including the beautiful, talented Lay Low.

In March, we made our annual pilgrimage to Doyle’s Cafe, in Jamaica Plain, for St Patrick’s Day.  We ate corn beef and cabbage, drank endless rounds of Guinness, and caught up with the neighborhood pols, including the legendary Gerry Burke, Doyle’s proprietor.

In April, with David Williams and Brooks McArthur as my sponsors, I was sworn in to practice in U.S. District (federal) court in Burlington–before the Honorable Chief Judge Christina Reiss.

This month, real broadband came to our home and village.  It’s been life-changing!

Our beloved dog Belle-Reve’s Minerva–the last of her generation–passed away on April 28.  She was almost 13 years old.  Fortunately, there was no long illness.  In fact, she had gone for a long hike up Mt. Prospect with Edward just two days prior to her passing, something she absolutely loved to do.

In May, we got a new puppy, Sumerwynd’s LABELLE, at 6 months of age.  LaBelle is a beautiful but troubled dog.  Still, she’s made enormous progress and bit by bit, learns how to overcome her fears.

June: I took the leap and opened my new law practice, with a beautiful office located next to the Essex County Court House.

July: We got Victor Hugo, new puppy at 8 weeks old.  Hugo is a remarkable dog, sometimes too good.  We call him the golden boy.  We are now  a three-dog household once more….

Also in July, I ran in the 5K Lancaster Road Race, and won a prize in my age group!

August:  I threw a big reception for the grand opening of my law practice.  Over 50 people came to help me celebrate.  To this day, when I’m sitting in my office, I look around and remember that day fondly.  I love the idea that I had such a great party there, with great people and good food and drink.

September: I completed the Dixville-Notch Half Marathon in record time (for me!).  I’ve spent the whole spring and summer training and this makes me feel accomplished.

November: Barack Obama re-elected, Romney defeated, a slew of Democratic women elected in neighboring New Hampshire, marriage equality progresses inexorably across the nation, Elizabeth Warren is elected in Massachusetts, Peter Shumlin re-elected as Governor of Vermont.  The millionairess Republican gets squat in Vermont.  The election outcome makes me happy beyond belief.

Also in November, Ed and Laura make two long overdue technological advances–we got smartphones and a new digital television with internet streaming.  This has definitely changed our lives and  for what it’s worth, caught us up with some popular culture missing from our lexicon.

Finally, here’s to some new people who have entered or re-entered my life in 2012 and made it immeasurably more interesting and tolerable:  Corby Gary, Audrey Carpenter, Jess Carter, Lynn and Will Berry, Brad and Cheryl McVetty, Matt and Sharal Plumley and Karen Guile.

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  1. I came across your blog googling how to waive into the Vermont bar by reciprocity. Although admitted in New York and New Jersey, Vermont would require a 12 week clerkship. My wife and I do enjoy visiting Vermont.

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