Broadband EZ North Update, Day 12

There has been some good news. Most of us in Guildhall Village had two full days of uninterrupted internet service over the weekend. (Although the Town offices and the Sheriff’s building were still without service.) And it appears that NCIC and EZNorth staff have started communicating much better with customers.

But the bad news is that everyone’s service went down again last night at approximately 9pm. To the best of my knowledge, there’s no NCIC service at any Guildhall village residence, business, or county or municipal service.

Once again, I’m writing this blog post from Weeks Memorial Library in Lancaster, NH.

I’ll repeat: I’m a huge supporter of NCIC and their mission to promote jobs and economic development. I’d rather give them my money than to some corporate satellite conglomerate.

But how long can we go on like this?

One response to “Broadband EZ North Update, Day 12”

  1. I too am writing from Weeks. It is now day 3 with no service, dish network is looking better and better. If you call them you get the usual canned response. It would be nice if the kept you updated.

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