New School Board Rescinds Freeze on Checkbook

Guildhall Elementary School, February 25, 2012

Everyone can breathe a sigh of relief. Until last night, a cloud of doubt hung over our Guildhall Elementary School. On Feb 20th, the Board majority had passed a motion freezing the school district checkbook unless a disputed tuition amount for Board member Matt Smith’s child was guaranteed. (See minutes, 2/20/12)

At Town Meeting earlier this week, Mr. Smith was replaced on the Board by Marie Fay. (He did not run for re-election.)

The Board has not acted to pay or guarantee the disputed tuition. (It is still in litigation)

But to their credit, the new board apparently thought better of the motion to freeze, and acted honorably to rescind it. Our school won’t grind to a halt, as many of us had feared.   YAY!

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