Town Meeting, Guildhall, Vermont

Passions may be running a little high on certain issues here in Guildhall as we approach Town Meeting. But we are all in this together, even if we disagree. We are Americans and we use the local and proper channels of democracy to resolve problems–attending and speaking up at meetings, writing letters to the editor, petitioning our local officials, voting, and going through the judicial system. In the midst of the disagreements of the last year, I am confident we will resolve our disagreements and remain civil and neighborly in the meantime.

Please vote today, Town Meeting day. Come to the Town Offices from 10am-7pm to vote for local officers by Australian ballot. Come to the evening portion of Town Meeting, at 7pm to elect a new School Board Director and to vote on the town and school budgets, plus other warned articles. Make your voice heard on this historic Vermont day.

On the Town side, we have two Selectboard seats open. Vote for the candidates who will restore productivity, efficiency, fairness and professional calm to our Selectboard.

On the School side, there is one School Board seat open. Vote for the candidate who believes in our school and will work to keep it open, strong and vibrant. Vote for the candidate who will represent the best interests of our School District as a whole.


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