Some Disheartening News: Elements Food and Spirit to Close (Unless…)

Elements. Known around these parts as the best restaurant in the entire Northeast Kingdom. Possibly among the best in the state of Vermont. A remarkable restaurant where I’ve never had a bad meal, and where I always want to have dessert. Since I’ve lived in the NEK, Elements has always been a touchstone for me, a reminder that superb food, wine, service and live music are just a short drive away. (Well, fairly short–about forty minutes.)

I’ve just gotten word that Elements is closing. No. No. No. But yes, it’s true. On January 1. Unless some buyer surfaces between now and the New Year, Elements will be a thing of the past.

Ouch. Not good for the NEK. Not one bit.

So I’m putting out the word to any interested buyers/investors out there. Come take a look at Elements! In the words of Florence and Keith Chamberlin, Elements owners and managers: “We are keeping the door open a crack, however. We believe there is tremendous opportunity in this place—be it the continued home for Elements, as a different restaurant or bar, or for any number of other ventures. If a buyer or buyers present themselves before the 31st we will be happy to talk with them about keeping this space and Elements a vital and exciting part of the dining scene in the Northeast Kingdom.”

Visit Elements’ website now!

3 responses to “Some Disheartening News: Elements Food and Spirit to Close (Unless…)”

    • Yes, it was very sad. However, since then, it came under new ownership as Bailiwick’s (from Littleton, NH) and although I haven’t been there yet, I understand it’s pretty good!

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