A Note to My Few but Expanding and Esteemed Readers

As you all know, I welcome comments on my blog. In fact, that’s part of its purpose, to generate dialogue and debate about local politics. Barring abuse or truly bad language, my policy is to approve all comments, in the interest of dialogue and debate. However, I now have added another small criteria for having blog comments approved: you must identify yourself with your full name. I am frankly not interested in anonymous debates, and moreover, I firmly believe that people with something to say should be able to stand behind their opinions (apart, of course, from the secrecy of the ballot box.) So comment and/or disagree away but let me know your name!

One response to “A Note to My Few but Expanding and Esteemed Readers”

  1. I agree- what is the point of sharing our voices if we don;t know whose voice is being shared? This should be a place where people can agree- or disagree- without fear or anger, to set an example for the rest of the country.

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