The Polls Open for Town Officer Elections

The Podium and the Panel, Pre-Meeting
Town Meeting room, ready to go but empty until tonight! Standing in this room the day before the meeting never fails to give me a shiver, thinking of how long Guildhall residents have come here, year after year since 1795 to debate roads, libraries, school budgets, garbage, and other things! Started the day by going for a short run, down to Melissa Barney’s house and back. Then, I ensconced myself in my kitchen to bake muffins for election staff. (Cherry-Almond!). Brought the food over and opened the office at 9am!

Alfred McVetty, Justice of the Peace at the exit checklist
Polls opened at 10am, with Alfred McVetty (pictured) and Eileen Thietten at the entrance and exit checklists. Before the polls opened, Representative Janice Peaslee stopped by and I took the opportunity to ask why she was opposed to the sale of the Island Pond airport in order to make room for the 100 jobs that the new pellet plant will bring to the area. Her answer? She thinks there are other suitable places that can be used, and she thinks the airport is important infrastructure. An airport in Essex County more important than 100 jobs? Hmmm. I’m afraid I’m not convinced.

Town Clerk business? Someone from Maidstone came in to renew her vehicle registration and another person to search for a deed and look at the tax map.

Our constable Bob MacIlvane keeps a watchful eye over the proceedings.

Robert MacIlvane, Guildhall Constable

More to come from Guildhall, pop. 268!

2 responses to “The Polls Open for Town Officer Elections”

  1. How many jobs are there in the airport? Or is it closed? Your current town clerk is doing a great job.

    • Are you kidding? No jobs there. It’s just an empty field/grass strip. No buildings, no pavement, no control tower, no landing lights. Nothing.

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