What’s Brewing in Essex County, Vermont?

On a recent Sunday morning in late February, I gathered with about a dozen home beer and ale brewers at my friends Mike and LJ Holland’s home. The Hollands live about a mile south of me, on Route 102 in Guildhall, Vermont. For those of you not familiar with the town, Guildhall—population 268—lies on theContinue reading “What’s Brewing in Essex County, Vermont?”

Counting the Votes into the Night

Immediately after Town Meeting adjourned, I sent the Constable and two BCA members into the vault to retrieve the voted ballots, where we had locked them. Our town is so small that we always hand count our ballots. I designated three teams of two to count the votes and mark them on tally sheets. TheyContinue reading “Counting the Votes into the Night”

Arguing from the Floor, the 225th Annual Meeting

Things were pretty quiet at our evening Town Meeting until we got to Article 11, which asked if the voters would appropriate $2500 for law enforcement services. The key feature of this article was that it did not–deliberately–name any organization to be the recipient of those funds. In the past, the law enforcement Article hasContinue reading “Arguing from the Floor, the 225th Annual Meeting”

Images from Laura’s last day as Town Clerk

The fabulous historic map of Guildhall, from the 19th century, that hangs on my office wall. The honor roll, on the wall in Town Meeting room. The Town Clerk’s vault. Here’s where the Guildhall Land Records, the Guildhall vital statistics and many, many other fascinating archived documents are stored. (This is the location of myContinue reading “Images from Laura’s last day as Town Clerk”

Third Shift, and the Kitchen at the Guild Hall

As of third shift, a whopping 44 people have voted at the Guild Hall. It’s been a steady stream of people, with many hanging out to talk and catch up. There are no places in Guildhall where people can gather, since our General Store closed down, so people are lingering here. The conversation ranges fromContinue reading “Third Shift, and the Kitchen at the Guild Hall”

The Polls Open for Town Officer Elections

Town Meeting room, ready to go but empty until tonight! Standing in this room the day before the meeting never fails to give me a shiver, thinking of how long Guildhall residents have come here, year after year since 1795 to debate roads, libraries, school budgets, garbage, and other things! Started the day by goingContinue reading “The Polls Open for Town Officer Elections”