Homeward: The Train from Washington to White River

45am January 21, 2009
Union Station, Washington DC, 7:45am January 21, 2009

Peter Eveleth was kind enough to drive us to the station on the morning of our departure. We found a place to park our stuff, and I ran out to take some photos of Union Station. Our train departed without incident and we made great time. The earnest college students from Amherst were on the same train with us! (But not the Dominican sex workers!). On the ride back, people were either sleeping, reading Barack Obama’s books, or talking excitedly on their cell phones about the inauguration experience. I tried to read the book I’d brought about Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson, but was too distracted with thoughts about the inauguration and the future, which seemed so bright. (Okay, cynics, I know!)
We pulled into sleepy little White River Junction at about 6:45pm. Edward scraped the snow and ice off the windows and we headed north on lonely, beautiful interstate 91.
We celebrated at home in Guildhall with pasta and wine.
Caption Unnecessary
Caption Unnecessary

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