After Hours at Mr. Henry’s Bar

Lou, Chuck and Bruce, at Mr Henry's
Lou, Chuck and Bruce, at Mr Henry’s

Adorable woman at Mr. Henry's
Adorable woman at Mr. Henry’s

After the Vt reception, we scouted around for a bar, and ended up at Eileen’s old haunt (she used to bartend there!). It was an amazing experience! The place was packed with interesting people, and the crowd was Obama-raucous. Every time that a new customer(s) walked in the door, the crowd went wild, clapping, jumping up and down, and chanting O-BA-MA at the top of their lungs. Eileen introduced us to the men in the photo above, who were all extraordinarily intelligent, politically sophisticated, articulate and witty. I had been dragging a bit when we walked into this place, but between the crowd and these men, I perked up, interested. Later, I snapped a photo of this unnamed woman (because she was so cute), and then she came over to chat with us. Turns out she’s from Salt Lake City and she was here for the inauguration. She told us that she’d “worked my butt off going door-to-door in the worse neighborhoods in Salt Lake City for this guy (Obama), so he better not fuck it up.” (By worse neighborhoods, she meant the rock-ribbed Mormon areas). Her story of having worked hard to get Obama elected was a theme that was repeated time and time again during our visit. So many people I met talked about what they’d done to campaign for him. I thought alot throughout the inauguration trip about how so many people, most of him I didn’t even get a chance to talk to, had worked their asses off, in one form or another, to elect Obama (and unelect McCain-Bush, of course!)

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