Inauguration Trip, Day Two, We Encounter the Guantanamo Protestors


The inauguration is an exuberant affair. But there’s work to do. On the National Mall, we encountered the Guantanamo protestors as they gathered for the day. They put on their black hoods and marched slowly and solemnly down the Mall, hunched over. Close Guantanamo and this shameful chapter of our history, Mr. Obama!

2 responses to “Inauguration Trip, Day Two, We Encounter the Guantanamo Protestors”

  1. WoW!

    Go Guildhall!

    Thanks for being our witnesses.

    GObama! & GoBiden!

    Go USA & us –

    We the people –

    I feel the grand experiment may continue with hope for we the people here and we the people everywhere.


  2. Stay warm!

    & Say, “Hi!” to everyone from all of us,

    or, “Hello from New Hampshire!” (with appropriate disavowals, of course).


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