Everyone on the Train is a Democrat

The boy behind us–who boarded at Bellows Falls, Vermont–told us he’d decided three hours ago, on the spur of the moment, to head to the inauguration. We lost track of him a bit later, after deciding to switch cars due to some insufferably loud and pretentious Vermont Law School students.
At our next spot on the train, three adorable young (and very earnest) college student Obama supporters got on at Amherst, Massachusetts, and encamped next to us with their multiple electronic devices. Here, the two women (one who claimed to be asexual, and the other bisexual) texted and played games long into the night.
In New York, two Dominican prostitutes alighted and sat behind the college students. They drank Corona beer, ate Doritos, chatted with everyone in an easy, familiar, charming way, and after an hour or so, fell asleep in each other’s arms. They were big Obama supporters. It was hard to tell if they were bound for DC for work, inauguration or…both.

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