A Town Without A School: Guildhall, Vt

Since the late 20th century, there just haven’t been many schools in Essex County.  The four biggest towns, Concord, Lunenburg, Brighton, and Canaan, all have their own schools.  And until the last decade, two small-town schools remained, one here in Guildhall and one in East Haven.  Most of these late 20th century schools have beenContinue reading “A Town Without A School: Guildhall, Vt”

The 2018 Down and Dirty

In January, Vermont legalized possession (but not purchase and sale) of marijuana.  We still don’t have the more sensible, tax-and-regulate system that states like Colorado, Oregon, and now Massachusetts do, but the Vermont legislature appears to be headed in that direction, maybe even in the 2019 session. We celebrated St Patrick’s Day by hosting aContinue reading “The 2018 Down and Dirty”