Late October in a Northeast Kingdom Garden

The tomatoes, eggplant and peppers have gone by, sadly, and I’ve harvested all the squash and cucumbers.   But we still have a lot of kale, arugala and swiss chard in the ground.  Might even last into December if we throw some garden fabric over it. Inside the hoop greenhouse, there is spinach, lettuce, mesclun, mizuna,Continue reading “Late October in a Northeast Kingdom Garden”

I’m Licensed to Practice Law in New Hampshire!

I’ve been a practicing Vermont lawyer since 2012.  Here’s a screenshot of my law partner Tiffany Young and I.  Visit our website here, if you’re interested.  I’m a trial lawyer with a focus on criminal law, tenant-landlord law, juvenile law, municipal law and employment/labor law. Earlier this year, I finally ended the procrastination and submittedContinue reading “I’m Licensed to Practice Law in New Hampshire!”

Dreaming of Vermont: Consider Essex County, Wild, Unspoiled and Tourist-Free

Do you dream of a move to Vermont, or dream of owning a second home here?  Are you interested, however,  in a more authentic and untouched part of the state?  Is there really such a place left in Vermont?  This post is dedicated to you then, the ones who’d prefer to avoid the stereotypes, theContinue reading “Dreaming of Vermont: Consider Essex County, Wild, Unspoiled and Tourist-Free”