Looking Back: Music in the Life of William Henry Waller, II

My maternal grandfather William Henry Waller (also known to us grandkids, variously, as “Unk,” “Hank,” or “Chief,” was born in 1909, in Angola, Indiana. He was the only son of three children and grew up in a conservative, fundamentalist family. At some point after his graduation from college, he completely and utterly rejected the conservativeContinue reading “Looking Back: Music in the Life of William Henry Waller, II”

Wanted Man: Laura’s Music Memories, Age 8-11

My parents got divorced when I was 7-8 years old. My brother and I lived with my mother and visited my dad on weekends or holidays. His life was chaotic, to say the least, and he never lived any one place for very long. Most of my memories revolve around being in cars with myContinue reading “Wanted Man: Laura’s Music Memories, Age 8-11”

Laura’s Music History, 0-8 years old (dedicated to Altina and Andrew)

This is a selection of music drawn from my early childhood. These tunes still loom large in my memories of that time in my life–music that had an enormous impact on me, even at a tender age. Of necessity, the selection reflects the music my parents, their friends and my grandparents chose and were surroundedContinue reading “Laura’s Music History, 0-8 years old (dedicated to Altina and Andrew)”