Summer 2013 Pastry (and Pizza) Roundup

I did more baking this season than I ever have in past years. For some reason, no weekend felt complete or satisfying unless I had baked one or more pies or other type of pastry. This summer, I also experimented with a broader diversity of pies, with many I had never, ever tried. (It tookContinue reading “Summer 2013 Pastry (and Pizza) Roundup”

Been Too Long at the Fair. (Bonnie Raitt) Lancaster, NH, 2013.

The Lancaster Fair. It’s an event of enormous cultural significance in this part of the world. The fair started in 1870, and was known as the Coos and Essex Co Agricultural Fair. Initially, its main focus appears to have been horse racing and baseball, with selling of agricultural products and livestock. New England is dottedContinue reading “Been Too Long at the Fair. (Bonnie Raitt) Lancaster, NH, 2013.”