Egg Harbor Bread, from the Amish (provenance somewhere in Wisconsin)

Today’s bread is lighter and more airy. That’s because it calls for a whopping 6 (six) rising periods over the course of the day. The first one is 30 minutes. Then there are 4 successive 15 minute rising periods, and finally, a last 50 minute rising period in the pan before going in to theContinue reading “Egg Harbor Bread, from the Amish (provenance somewhere in Wisconsin)”

A Daily Loaf, Bernard Clayton

I need some sort of regular, yet stimulating routine to keep me going through this dreary mid-to-late Northeast Kingdom winter. Something apart from the exciting peaks and valleys of law practice. Today, the answer came to me while I was poring over Bernard Clayton’s classic tome: The (New) Complete Book of Breads. It’s a volumeContinue reading “A Daily Loaf, Bernard Clayton”