Memorial Day Weekend. Rhubarb Pie

This has been a great day. Every last vestige of winter is gone. I saw a gaggle of adorable ducklings with their mother on the Connecticut River. I went for two long walks. Visited the fundraiser rummage sale for the Guildhall Elementary School Parents’ Group. I bought four tomato plants and a glass of lemonadeContinue reading “Memorial Day Weekend. Rhubarb Pie”

Betty Odell, A Local Role Model

Elizabeth (Hubbard) Odell passed away last weekend, on May 13, at the age of 94. Her funeral and burial service were held today, and there was a reception for her at the historic Guild Hall here in town. By the time I arrived in Guildhall 7 years ago, Mrs. Odell had already retired and movedContinue reading “Betty Odell, A Local Role Model”

Broadband EZ North Update, Day 12

There has been some good news. Most of us in Guildhall Village had two full days of uninterrupted internet service over the weekend. (Although the Town offices and the Sheriff’s building were still without service.) And it appears that NCIC and EZNorth staff have started communicating much better with customers. But the bad news isContinue reading “Broadband EZ North Update, Day 12”

EZNorth Wireless and NCIC: Is the Broadband Honeymoon Over?

My last blog post was hopeful and optimistic. True broadband had come to our corner of Vermont, which we all considered a significant step forward in bringing badly needed telecommunications to our historically underserved region. Previously, most of us had been limited to dialup and the more expensive satellite service. Everyone knows that dialup isContinue reading “EZNorth Wireless and NCIC: Is the Broadband Honeymoon Over?”