Lj Holland Leaves Guildhall, and Laura’s Heart Breaks

This week, my friend and neighbor Lj  begins her move out of Guildhall. On the advice of her doctor, she’s headed to the warmer climes of Florida to start a new life. She’ll be around sporadically over the winter, but by March, she will be officially and permanently moved. I know that she’s doing what’sContinue reading “Lj Holland Leaves Guildhall, and Laura’s Heart Breaks”

We Won the Rescission Vote.

This was an important practical and symbolic step in the direction of taking back our School Board and making it accountable. I am very proud of the work that so many people did in preparation for this meeting. Some of us wrote letters to the editor. Others assembled a mailing. Others coordinated taking an adContinue reading “We Won the Rescission Vote.”