Invitation for Guest Blog Entries: The Guildhall School District

I seem to have a lot of readers following my blog at this point because of my posts about our Guildhall School Board controversy. No wonder–recent events raise important questions about fairness, accountability, conflict of interest, tuition policy, and whether parents or taxpayers should foot the bill for it when families want their kids toContinue reading “Invitation for Guest Blog Entries: The Guildhall School District”

The Vermont Bar Exam: 10 Suggestions

(Remember my disclaimer: there will be no discussion here of specific questions/topics that appear on the exam.) 1. Start early. Most bar examinees don’t start studying until two months before the exam, typically when the Barbri course begins. I think it’s best to start earlier, at least on a modified schedule. I was due toContinue reading “The Vermont Bar Exam: 10 Suggestions”