The Vermont Bar Exam: Reflections, Part I

[Disclaimer: there will be no discussion in this or any other post about specific questions or essay topics that have appeared on any Vermont Bar Exam. Although I can barely remember them, anyway!] In July of this year, I sat for the Vermont Bar Exam in Montpelier. This past Friday, I got my letter inContinue reading “The Vermont Bar Exam: Reflections, Part I”

Apple Pie Contest at the Lancaster Fair

I won second prize at the apple pie contest today! Yay! Here is the recipe. Apple Pie with Cheddar Cheese Crust It was so much fun. My first pie prize! Many thanks to Susan McVetty for recommending and giving me the best apples from her orchard, and to Karen, Lj Holland’s friend, who gave meContinue reading “Apple Pie Contest at the Lancaster Fair”

A Note to My Few but Expanding and Esteemed Readers

As you all know, I welcome comments on my blog. In fact, that’s part of its purpose, to generate dialogue and debate about local politics. Barring abuse or truly bad language, my policy is to approve all comments, in the interest of dialogue and debate. However, I now have added another small criteria for havingContinue reading “A Note to My Few but Expanding and Esteemed Readers”

Lancaster Fair Piemaking Contest

Okay, the pie contest didn’t take place in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. It was across the river at the Lancaster Fair in New Hampshire. But close enough. People in Guildhall and most of Essex County, especially the river towns, consider the Lancaster Fair to be their own local agricultural fair. I’ve never entered a piemaking contestContinue reading “Lancaster Fair Piemaking Contest”