Hurricane Irene Skips Essex County, Vermont

We were thoroughly prepared. We stocked up on food, bottled water, batteries, candles, lanterns and lots of other stuff. We brought everything in from the yard so that none of our neighbors would get hit by deadly flying objects. We stayed indoors with the dogs pretty much all day. But in the end, nothing happened.Continue reading “Hurricane Irene Skips Essex County, Vermont”

Fine Drinking, at the Eden Ice Cider Company, West Charleston, Vermont

In one corner of the Northeast Kingdom, about an hour and a half’s drive from our place in Guildhall, there’s a remarkable (and successful!) experiment in the making of ice cider. Yes, ice cider, an elegant variant of dessert wine, fermented from Vermont apples over years. I got my first tantalizing taste of the EdenContinue reading “Fine Drinking, at the Eden Ice Cider Company, West Charleston, Vermont”