Guildhall, Vermont Annual Town Report, 2009

During January and February, auditors, town clerks and treasurers all over Vermont have been busy preparing their town’s annual town report. In the mid-19th century, towns began publishing single sheets, and then gradually moving to modest booklets. The Town Report is mailed, physically distributed, and often available on municipal websites. It typically contains budget andContinue reading “Guildhall, Vermont Annual Town Report, 2009”

Guildhall, Vermont Annual Town Warning 2010

Controversies at this year’s Town Meeting? Taxpayer funding for the Guildhall Public Library. The Library has gone a long way this year toward better serving town residents. But will they keep it up? A proposal to subsidize swimming pool memberships at Colonel Town Recreation Center, in Lancaster, for Guildhall residents. Hmmm. Despite my liberal tendencies,Continue reading “Guildhall, Vermont Annual Town Warning 2010”

Guildhall Annual Town Meeting, 2010

At this year’s Town Meeting, we probably won’t have quite the same divisive feelings, passion, publicity and fireworks that marked last year’s meeting. But some of the same issues and concerns simmer not far beneath the surface. Funding for the Guildhall Public Library is still a sensitive spot. You might remember the bitter battle lastContinue reading “Guildhall Annual Town Meeting, 2010”