Homeward: The Train from Washington to White River

Peter Eveleth was kind enough to drive us to the station on the morning of our departure. We found a place to park our stuff, and I ran out to take some photos of Union Station. Our train departed without incident and we made great time. The earnest college students from Amherst were on theContinue reading “Homeward: The Train from Washington to White River”

The Inauguration Speech: Thoughts

I wasn’t particularly anticipating Obama’s inaugural speech. The important thing was to see Bush-Cheney leave and see Obama take the oath. So when the speech came, Obama could have recited a nursery rhyme and I would have still been in a swoon-like state of delight. But I did listen to it, and here are someContinue reading “The Inauguration Speech: Thoughts”

Inauguration At Last!

We begin the inauguration march, prepared to defend Obama against any last minute tricks by the nefarious Bush-Cheney duo. Edward sports his old SNCC (Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee) button that he wore at the 1963 March on Washington. Throughout the day, people noticed this button and commented enthusiastically upon it; many had questions for him!Continue reading “Inauguration At Last!”

The Mall, Memorials, Goodbye Bush, and Kiss for Peace

The woman with the flag approached us where we were eating lunch at the National Gallery Sculpture Garden Cafe. She wanted us to randomly pick cards with the name of warring countries on them, hold them up, and kiss with the flag draped behind us. It seemed like a pretty goofy idea, but how couldContinue reading “The Mall, Memorials, Goodbye Bush, and Kiss for Peace”

After Hours at Mr. Henry’s Bar

After the Vt reception, we scouted around for a bar, and ended up at Eileen’s old haunt (she used to bartend there!). It was an amazing experience! The place was packed with interesting people, and the crowd was Obama-raucous. Every time that a new customer(s) walked in the door, the crowd went wild, clapping, jumpingContinue reading “After Hours at Mr. Henry’s Bar”

A Reception for Vermonters

The Vermont State Society Reception was a pleasant affair. I kissed Bernie Sanders on the cheek and whispered “good job” and left it at that after snapping a picture. Howard Dean gave one of his well-intentioned but easy-to-tune out speeches. And Patrick Leahy kept reminding us to go up on top of the building andContinue reading “A Reception for Vermonters”

The Calm Before the Storm: The Capitol and the Supreme Court

. We got fairly close to the swearing in dais, wanting a good view and some pictures before the inauguration itself. There were tons of people who had the same idea, and there was an almost sacred silence as people snapped photos and stared. Then, we went to the Supreme Court, a place that IContinue reading “The Calm Before the Storm: The Capitol and the Supreme Court”

Welcoming Obama at the Lincoln Memorial

We worked our way down the National Mall, after stops at the Capitol and the Supreme Court. As we got closer, the crowds grew thicker, and happier. The entrepreneurship was incredible. There were Obama tee-shirts, hats, calendars, posters, scaarves, buttons, bookmarks, even earrings. I wondered: what must Obama think of all this hawking? We circledContinue reading “Welcoming Obama at the Lincoln Memorial”

Our Fantastic “Home” in Washington, DC

Here’s where we stayed in Washington, DC, home of Peter Eveleth. The house is 9 blocks from the Capitol, and it proved to be the coziest, most comfortable, accommodations I could have imagined. On the night we arrived, tired and worn out from a long train trip, a fire blazed in the hearth, and PeterContinue reading “Our Fantastic “Home” in Washington, DC”